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1. The competition is for amateurs and students who do not derive the main part of their income from the teaching or performance of dance. 

2. Competitors attending full time vocational dance school are not eligible to enter the Festival.

3. The age of competitors is taken as on 1st September of the previous year of the Festival. In Duets, Trios, Quartets and Groups the age of the oldest competitor counts. 

4. The Committee reserves the right to return any entry without assigning a reason 

5. All Private Entries must be accompanied by a supporting letter from their Teacher / Principal of Dance School 

6. The Committee may combine Sections or Classes when entries are small, divide when large and make other regulations or interpret or qualify any rules as occasion may arise. 

7. The competition does not accept liability for the infringement of copyright, recording or performing rights arising out of any competitor's accompaniment or performance. It contributes to a Group License to cover payment of fees for the use of recorded music at its events. Teachers and choreographers using music created from commercial recordings are advised that they are responsible for seeking permission to re-record from the recording companies concerned. 

8. Photography, film, video, or tape recording is prohibited in the performance hall. 

9. The Adjudicator’s decision is final, no discussion or correspondence concerning any decision may ensure. The Adjudicator may not award a place when it is his/her opinion that the standard is not sufficiently high, or when individuals infringe the rules. 

10. Communication with the Adjudicator concerning any matters relating to the competition by competitors, teachers, and other interested parties prior to or during the competition is prohibited and may lead to disqualification. 

11. The stage and wings are out of bounds to all except authorized persons and competitors about to perform. Competitors who have danced must leave and only return to the wings three numbers before the end of their class. Authorised persons include one assistant from each school who may accompany children under 8 years and others for the purpose of wardrobe or props. 

12. Competitors must dance in correct program order, report to the stage official 15 minutes before they are due to dance, and be ready in the wings before their number is announced, absentees risk disqualification. 

13. Music must be recorded on a good quality CD-R (not CR-RW or DVD) in “audio” format (not mp3 or any other format). The disk should have no scratches on the playing surface and must contain the required music as the first or only track. We recommend that you have a backup CD-R, preferably recorded on different equipment. The disc should be marked with the performer’s name. Music must be delivered to the Music Collection Desk at least 3o minutes before the start of the class.

14. Competitors may perform not more than once in their own age group for each Solo Section and for each technique in a Duet , Trio or Quartet Section, but twice in their own age group for each technique in a Group Section. Younger competitors may perform out of their age group not more than once in each technique for a more senior Duet, Trio, Quartet or Group Section. A minimum of eight and a maximum of twenty four dancers constitutes a Group. 

15. Time limits for dances must not be exceeded. 

16. When requested in advance the Official will announce the title of the dance and, when a story is obscure a short synopsis not exceeding 30 words. 

17. The sound box is out of bounds to all except authorized personnel. 

18. The quality of recordings and suitability of recorded vocals may be taken into account by the Adjudicator. 

19. Pre-recorded music used in Song and dance Sections must not include any singing or chanting on the cassette. Pre-recorded music used in Tap Sections must not include any recorded Tap or similar sound effect. 

20. Pointe work is not allowed for any competitor under 13 years old.

21.Taps must be fixed, single sound and used only in Tap classes. 

22.Additional information will be required for some classes prior to the Festival, including:

·         for Choreography classes (for which arrangements must be the unaided work of the competitor) a description of the dance in the format specified in the current syllabus

·         for National classes the country/region of the dance

Failure to provide such information by the date(s) specified in the syllabus will result in disqualification.

23. No food or drink (except bottled water) or smoking (including electronic cigarettes) is allowed in the auditorium. 

24. Audience entry to the auditorium must not occur during a performance or adjudication, and is at the discretion of the stewards. 

25. Audiences should show their appreciation of a performance by clapping, cheering is not encouraged.

26. There will be no re-dances unless cd fails.


27. Not all classes will carry a trophy – allocation is at the discretion of the Committee.


28. Trophies or other awards will not normally be awarded unless a mark of 84 or above is achieved. The awarding of a trophy or other award is solely at the discretion of the Adjudicator.


29. Trophy winners may have their name and the Festival year inscribed on the trophy at their own expense, so long as the style is consistent with existing inscriptions.


30. All trophies awarded at a Festival should be cleaned and returned in good condition no later than the following 15th March.


31.If a trophy is lost/damaged or not returned on time the Committee reserves the right to:

·         charge the recipient for repair or replacement

·         withhold presentation of further trophies to the recipient and/or school.


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