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Southampton Stage Dance Festival : 2018 Choreography Entry


Submit this form to Sule Taylor at 70 Crescent Road, Locksheath, Southampton SO31 6PF
or by 21st April 2018

Continue overleaf if necessary, and you may add additional material if you wish.


Name and Age* of choreographer(s)


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Name and Age* of performer(s)


Title of piece


* Ages as at

1st September 2017

Music (title and artist)


1) Why did you choose this music and how did it influence the choreography?


2) What inspired the costume for this piece?


3) What was the easiest part of choreographing this piece?


4) What was the hardest part of choreographing this piece?


5) If you were given a budget to produce this piece for a dance company, how would you spend it (lighting, set, costumes, special effects, etc)?


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